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Church of Christ

The location of over 13,100 congregations of the church of Christ can be found from this site. The ministry here is to make it as easy as possible to search for and find groups of Christians who are seeking to worship God in the way described in the Holy Bible. The graphic above is linked so that you can click your way around the world.

World Wide Directory is designed to help you find a local congregation of the Lord's church wherever you are. The directory site is the work of brother Rex D. Moore in Albuquerque, New Mexico, brother Dennis Kelly in Searcy, Arkansas, and the late brother Wes Duncan in Topeka, Kansas. Again, it is incumbent upon each individual who seeks to enter by the narrow gate, to find out what the Lord's Church looks like.


1889 Genessee Ave, Columbus, OH 43211


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(614) 475-8506


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