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Neighborhood Design Center

NDC provides affordable, professional design services to revitalize the built environment of underserved communities for economic prosperity and an enriched quality of life.
At the Neighborhood Design Center (NDC) we believe that design is a right, not a privilege. NDC is a partnership between the City of Columbus and The Ohio State University. Our mission is to connect the vision, energy and skill of design students, professionals and faculty with Central Ohio governments and community stakeholders. Our public and client-based projects utilize a rigorous combination of design thinking, research and analysis, community engagement, visioning and advocacy to help Central Ohio communities promote economic development and improve quality of life by rediscovering and revitalizing the built environment through informed, inclusive and meaningful collaboration.


1445 Summit St #300, Columbus, OH 43201


Monday-Friday: 9:00 AM-5:00 PM


(614) 221-5001


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