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North Linden Area Commission

With more than 200 neighborhoods and over 900,000 people, Columbus is a big place to keep tabs on. That’s why the City of Columbus empowers neighbors to create resident-based recommending bodies to review certain projects and serve as a voice for the
community. Commissioners are elected by neighbors, and each commission can make its own bylaws and regulations. Some commissions have ward representation, while others are at large. When necessary, city council looks to commission votes to inform decisions that go to a council vote, but the votes of the commission are only advisory, never binding.
Area commissions are also distinct from other resident groups, like civic associations and block watches. Commissions, however, may look to other resident groups for direction on

If you would like to contact the commission, visit the website.


1350 Briarwood Ave, Columbus, OH, USA


6:30 pm
3rd Thursday of each month, except August


Not available at this time


Not available at this time

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