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Premium Services LLC

Premium Services LLC is an organization that specializes in business and workforce development. We offer a range of services to connect people to the selected resource category, which is business and workforce development. Our primary focus is on assisting individuals and organizations in starting their own for-profit and non-profit businesses. We provide comprehensive support throughout the entire startup process, including business planning, market research, legal compliance, and financial management. Our goal is to help aspiring entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life and establish successful and sustainable ventures. In addition to business startups, we also offer expertise in fundraising campaigns. We assist individuals and organizations in developing effective strategies to raise funds for various purposes, such as launching new projects, expanding existing operations, or supporting charitable causes. Our team helps clients create compelling campaigns and provides guidance on donor engagement and relationship management. Furthermore, Premium Services LLC specializes in project management, offering our clients professional assistance in planning, executing, and monitoring their projects. We provide expertise in project planning, resource allocation, risk management, and quality control to ensure the successful completion of projects within the desired timeframe and budget. Lastly, we offer political financial management services. We assist political campaigns and organizations in managing their financial resources effectively and transparently. Our team provides guidance on budgeting, campaign finance compliance, fundraising strategies, and financial reporting, helping political entities maintain accountability and navigate the complexities of campaign finance regulations. Overall, Premium Services LLC is dedicated to connecting people to business and workforce development resources through our comprehensive range of services. We strive to support entrepreneurs, organizations, and political campaigns in achieving their goals and maximizing their success.


2102 Cleveland Avenue, Columbus, OH, USA


Monday-Friday: 9:00AM-6:00PM


(614) 972-6017


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