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Linden Community Planning Process—Get Involved and Share Your Story!

Many Linden residents and businesses are now aware of the Linden Community Plan, a process started earlier this year that will continue into mid-2018 to chart a path for the neighborhood’s future. The plan has been commissioned by the City of Columbus in partnership with United Way Central Ohio and The Ohio State University. The plan is being facilitated and led by the Neighborhood Design Center (NDC), a non-profit organization founded in 1982, dedicated to providing high-quality services to urban neighborhoods of Columbus with a core principal that access to design is a right, not a privilege.

Figure 1: NDC at a food distribution event at Point of Pride — June 13, 2017

What is a community plan? Community planning seeks to improve the overall quality of life through recommendations around various aspects of community life, such as community safety, housing, transportation, land use, and more. Members of the community are involved in the decision-making process and have a chance to share their aspirations for the neighborhood. By establishing transformative goals and identifying strategies to achieve them, the Linden Community Plan will act as a manual for positive growth that guides public and private investments and policy decisions in the community. Without a plan, the community is in a reactionary position—just responding to proposals rather than guiding them.

To connect more directly with residents, the Neighborhood Design Center has teamed with United Way of Central Ohio's Fresh Foods Here initiative at local corner stores, attended Jazz in the Park at Maloney Park, and Cap City Nights events as part of the project storefront effort, collecting feedback and discussing the planning effort with neighborhood residents. We've also attended the Linden Intervention Group, North and South Linden Area Commission meetings, and the recent Concerned Clergy meeting at the Good Shepherd Baptist Church. We’re working hard to be out in the community, talk with residents, and learn from their experiences in the neighborhood.

Figure 2: Backside of the postcard distributed to Linden residents about the community plan

The primary way for residents to be involved in the planning process long-term is being part of a working group. The groups are tasked with discussing five key elements of the plan:



—Small Business and Retail

—Education and Workforce

—Health and Safety

Figure 3: Working Group Orientation at Linden Recreation Center - August 3, 2017

If joining a working group is not your style, consider leaving feedback on our website, connecting with us directly by phone or email, or attending a planning pop-up session. Still, you can plan to attend the workshop and open house in early November to see initial concepts, ideas, and proposals. This is a critical event that will continue to guide the development of the plan—so you’ll hear more about it soon!

Figure 4: First Kick-Off Meeting at Douglas Recreation Center - March 11, 2017

The planning process is stronger when more people get involved. Visit the community planning website <> today to let us know your vision for Linden's future. Share experiences and offer specific suggestions to make this a better place to call home. You can reach us at 614-221-5001 or Let’s work together to chart a course that will make Linden a better place to call home!


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