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Mario Basora

Mario brings a career of passionate advocacy for children to FRC, with over 20 years of experience leading successful transformative change efforts in schools and school districts across Ohio. His mission is to create a world where all children, regardless of their background, can dream big and achieve greatness in their lives.

Mario earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from Cal State Fullerton, a second bachelor’s degree in social studies education from Northern Kentucky University, a master’s degree in educational leadership from Miami University, Oxford, and a School Superintendent’s license from Xavier University. Before joining Future Ready Columbus, Mario’s career included service as a substitute teacher, junior high and high school teacher, assistant principal, principal, school law professor, senior vice president, and superintendent.

Throughout his career, Mario has been honored to work closely with educators and community leaders to achieve big things for children. These include significantly increasing academic achievement for African American and economically disadvantaged children, creating and successfully implementing several strategic planning efforts, and establishing a training center for innovative learning practices.


Mario’s passion and mission to improve the lives of poor and marginalized children stems from his own background as a child of color, raised by a single mother in poverty. Just as he was able to overcome the odds as a first-generation college graduate who rose out of generational poverty, he believes his life’s work is to help children like him achieve their dreams.

Mario is grounded in the belief that all children can break out of the cycle of poverty and racism. The work of Future Ready Columbus is to imagine, believe in, and implement the conditions and supports for that to happen. Through a collective impact approach working closely with public/private partnerships, the Future Ready by Five plan has all of the elements necessary to break the cycle and ensure that all children in Franklin County are ready for kindergarten by age 5.


Columbus and the surrounding Franklin County region are amazing places to work and live. Mario is particularly in love with the region’s commitment to diversity, vibrant arts, sports, and culture scene, and its innovative spirit. With its energy and impactful public/private partnerships, Columbus and Franklin County can lead the way in altering the trajectory of children growing up in under-resourced neighborhoods.

By implementing Future Ready by Five, we have a great opportunity to set the standard for community change strategy. If implemented with fidelity and commitment, the plan can transform the lives of children not only in Franklin County, but also across Ohio, the Midwest, and beyond.

Mario Basora
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